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Safety Netting for Fall Protection

In the construction and mining industries, workers are consistently operating in hazardous environments where falls from heights are possible. Employers and employees alike rely on state-of-the-art fall protection equipment to work safely on various types of structures. There are many different options for fall protection, so let’s take a look at safety netting systems. The […]

Most Common Types of Netting

It sounds simple, but netting comes in a wide variety of designs and quality, and making the right choice for your needs can be tricky! Netting is an investment that you want to last. Commercial Netmakers offers a range of netting products to suit your needs. To help you decide what type of netting you’re […]

The Use of Tie-down Nets for Restraint

If you work in a job where you carry cargo then you know the importance of good netting. In Western Australia, a lot of our labour comes from the mining industry, which thrives on high-quality and functional nets.

Let’s explore some of the best ways our nets can be used as restraints and when you might need one for your job.

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