Construction Nets & Netting

Safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights. They also prevent the fall of debris onto the site below.

Safety nets are an efficient and effective control method to prevent injurious falls from heights. They enable workers to move freely around – working safely and effectively. Importantly, safety nets utilise energy absorption as the fundamental principle governing their design and performance. In the majority of situations, safety nets have distinct advantages over other forms of fall arrest. Australian Standards regard nets as their “preferred method of fall arrest when working at height”. Commercial Netmakers has a fully trained installer with a Net Rigging Trade Qualification (UK).

Net Specifications

1. Mesh size 100 x 100mm;
2. Twine size 5mm:
3. Material: knotless polypropylene;
4. Colour: green;
5. Mesh breaking strain 53,6 kj;
6. 14mm poly steel rope border – breaking strain 30kn;
7. Nets manufactured to standard EN1263-1 type S clarification A2 quadret mesh 100mm;
8. 3 test mesh strips included on each net.