Fruit fly is becoming a major problem in many areas across Australia, in both home gardens and commercial enterprises. At Commercial Netmakers, our specifically designed fruit fly netting is the ideal pesticide-free solution to exclude fruit fly.

Fruit Fly Netting for Exclusion

Exclusion is a safe and simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access by fruit flies, moths, insects and birds to the fruit or vegetable crops you need to protect. In many situations it is much easier and cleaner than using the traditional cover sprays of dimethoate and tenthion. Fruit fly mesh cover and netting is the perfect alternative to other methods of control such as chemical sprays, mass baiting and trapping and sterile fruit fly releases.

Benefits of Fruit fly Netting

Used to cover entire plants or crops, clusters of fruit, or individual pieces of fruit, fruit tree insect netting has many benefits including:

  • Reusable
  • Simple to install
  • No sprays needed
  • Creates micro climate
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for organic growers
  • Provides some protection from sun & wind
  • May also solve problems with birds and possums and other pest

Fruit fly netting can be used as a throw-over net for trees. It is a heavier type netting at 103gm2 + 5gm2 and provides approximately 10% shade + 2%. If using as a throw over net for individual trees. The easiest way is fully enclosing the tree with netting i.e loosely tying the net around the trunk of the tree. However, the quickest way to damage your netting and tree is allowing branches to grow through any netting. Commercial Netmakers always recommend keeping netting off trees, by using two lengths of poly pipe in a X shape, slipped over star pickets or stakes (tied at the top cross over, bamboo bent over your tree or any type of frame. Fruit fly netting is also suitable for small and large structures.

Choose Commercial Netmakers for Fruit Fly Netting and Agriculture Netting

When it comes to agriculture and horticulture, there is a range of netting applications to choose from. We will supply and fit quality nets that will help protect your investments. Our range includes:

  • Aquaculture Nets
  • Bird Netting
  • Hail Nets
  • Shade Cloth
  • Dam Netting
  • Veggie Netting

We can provide the right netting for the job, and also the supporting structures.

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At Commercial Netmakers, our highly skilled and experienced team understand the importance of creating custom netting that is tailored to your application. From fruit fly netting to shade cloth, safety cargo nets and more, we will work hard to understand your needs and produce high quality, durable netting of the highest standard. Contact us online or call (08) 9434 6000.

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