Fruit Fly Nets

Fruit fly is becoming a major problem in many areas, both in the home garden and commercial enterprises. Our fruit fly netting is specifically designed to exclude fruit fly and is very effective.

Mediterranean fruit fly management is getting harder for commercial growers, as they seek alternatives to the traditional cover sprays of dimethoate and tenthion. Next year’s pome fruit and stone fruit seasons will be much more difficult for many. Mass baiting and trapping, strict orchard hygiene, using different chemicals and sterile fruit fly releases in some remote areas are methods of control. Netting is ideal for fruit fly exclusion.

Benefits of Fruit fly netting

Reusable Creates micro climate
Breathes Environmentally friendly
Excludes pests Ideal for organic growers
Some protection from sun & wind

Fruit fly netting can be used as a throw over net for trees. It is a heavier type netting at 103gm2 + 5gm2 and provides approximately 10% shade + 2%. If using as a throw over net for individual trees, we recommend fully enclosing the tree with netting i.e. loosely tying the net around the trunk of the tree.

Fruit fly netting is also suitable for small and large structures.

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