The mining industry requires netting for a wide range of applications, from safety to recreation. Commercial Netmakers is experienced in meeting the needs of the mining sector and its remote communities. With a proven and trusted record with many mine sites we can help you with netting requirements for your residential camps and on-site operations.

Mining Nets for Every Application

Quality custom fitted safety nets are critical to risk management in mining operations and they’re also a basic OH&S requirement. Commercial Netmakers will design and install safety nets to deliver the protection you need. If you require a permanent structure installed beneath a conveyor belt, we can help. For mobile safety solutions, we also supply tie down nets. These high-quality industrial nets are designed to protect people and property from flying debris during bad weather. We also supply quality industrial cargo nets to secure and transport your cargo with ease.


There are many other industrial and mining environments that might need netting and we can help you with these, too.  Commercial Netmakers love a challenge and finding a solution, that exceed our customer expectations is what drives us to continuously improve and learn.

For use in leisure facilities, all your sporting needs are covered, whether you would like to practice your golf swing or have a game of Futsal or cricket with your colleagues; we can provide you with all your netting needs.  Not only can we provide you with the netting, we can also provide all supporting structure. Need some shade, while watching your mates, play sport?   To provide respite from the harsh weather, we can install some shade cover for recreational areas. Shade cloth will offer protection from sunburn, reduce direct exposure to heat and can be custom designed for your space.

When it comes to environmental issues around your site, we have you covered. We can provide wildlife barrier protection for your tailing facilities, dams, or the heap leach pond that’s in place to meet cyanide codes.   Egress nets for escape options for fauna and personnel.  Cloth to keep down dust, wind and debris.  Specialty fabric/net that is fire retardant and anti-static especially designed for curtains, wall hangings, ventilation ducts and sheeting – ideal for coal mining.