Shade Cloth

Protect crops, people, dams, livestock and other valued assets in Australia’s harsh climate from exposure to excessive heat and UV radiation, wind and evaporation with our range of shade cloths and windbreaks.

Commercial Netmakers offers a comprehensive range of shade cloth, wind break and components for DIY or we can offer a full on site consultation service where we design, supply, and install. (Please see under our heading Protective Structures). We can assist you in choosing the right cloth for your requirements.

Shading effectiveness is dependent on the type of structure; and the weave, colour and density of the net. Using shade cloth assists in the protection of sunburn and also creating a micro-climate.

We offer shade cloth with product density from 30% up to 95%. Please see specifications below.

Horticultural Range

Product Density Colour Width Length Nominal Shade %
30% White 2m & 4m 50m 16-20%
Green, Black 2m & 4m 50m 26-30%
50% White 2m & 4m 50m 27-30%
Beige 2m & 4m 50m 44-46%
Green & Black 2m & 4m 50m 44-50%
70% White 2m & 4m 50m 48-50%
Green & Black 2m & 4m 50m 64-70%
75% White 2.3m 200m 48-50%
80% Green & Black 2m & 4m 50m 74-80%

Constructed of knitted high density poleyethylene monofilament with knitted eyelets. The product has a 10 year pro-rata UV stability. Warranty covers only replacement of defective goods and does not cover or compensate the purchaser for any expense associated with installation or removal of the goods from any supporting structure. This warranty is given to the original purchaser only.

Product Colour Width Length Cover Factor
Extra Light Green 1.83m & 3.66m 50m 26-34%
Light Green Black, White 1.83m & 3.66m 50m 50-56%
Medium Green, Black, White, Beige 1.83m & 3.66m 50m 64-70%
Heavy Green, Black 1.83m & 3.66m 50m 74-80%

UV-stabilised high density polyethylene monofilament yarn and lock-stitched.

Commercial People Shade

With sunburn and skin cancer an everyday worry, sun protection is now part of our daily routine. The Cancer Council of Australia recommends a minimum cover factor of 94%, which equals a SPF rating of 15, similar to sunscreen. When selecting a material for protecting people from UV, choosing a cover factor greater than 94% is good advice.

Colour UVR Block UPF Rating UPF Mean
Natural 96.8% 35.0 62.4
Rivergum Green 92.3% 12.6 20.8
Yellow 97.1% 45.0 71.3
Cherry Red 89.3% 8.8 12.1
Aquatic Blue 93.6% 15.0 32.2
Brunswick Green 95.1% 15.0 32.6
Navy Blue 95.2% 14.7 33.0
Desert Sand 96.4% 10.0 20.3
Steel Grey 93.0% 13.1 26.1
Sky Blue 93.8% 16.0 21.3
Turquoise 94.3% 11.9 18.0
Charcoal 94.7% 11.4 23.2
Black 97.4% 35.0 59.8

Rolls 3m x 40m.
UV stabilised high density polyethylene. Monofilament and tape. Lock-stitch knitted. Stentered to reduce shrinkage and assist fabrication.Suitable for playgrounds, shopping centre car parks and entertaining areas.