Our Nets

Safety Net to catch falling debris

Organisation Capability

To meet our goals, we must have the required technical skills (design, manufacture and installation) needed to physically complete the project and the business and management skills needed to address safety, quality, risk, compliance and accounting requirements.

As part of our continuous improvement culture, we undertake regular training to upgrade our skill sets. Commercial Netmakers is committed to improving our skills and competencies and this is managed through a program of setting organizational and individual goals with regards to skills and training.

We maintain a Capabilities Register, which lists the qualifications of all our employees and those we are currently adding, as a management tool.

Our current Capabilities Register is listed below.


Net Rigging Trade Qualification (UK)
Construction Industry “White Cards”
High Risk License (Elevated Work Platform)
High Risk License (Forklift)
Senior First Aid
Forklift Operation (Industry Accreditation)
Defensive Four Wheel Driving Techniques
Working With Heights Awareness (Industry Accreditation)
Working Safely With Heights (Industry Accreditation)
Computer Aided Drafting (EA064 &065.WA/SWB)
A&B Class Aluminium Welding (ISO96062/ISO10042)
Boilermaker Trade Certificate
Mine Employees Health Surveillance Cards
Project Management Diploma
General Safety Net Rigger (FASET)
BSc (Hons) Construction Management (UK)
Certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety


Bachelor of Commerce (UWA)
Bachelor of Economics (UWA)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance (FINSIA)
Post-Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (ECU)
Diploma of Quality Auditing (BSB51607)
Diploma of Project Management (in progress)
Certificate IV Training & Assessment (in progress)
Root Cause Analysis (Industry Accreditation)