Pigeons are not migratory, their natural instinct is to stay near their birth site. These flocks generally feed, loaf and roost together, enjoying the company of their companions and mate for life.

Pigeons are responsible for millions of dollars in damage each year. In addition to hygiene concerns in urban areas, pigeons pose a big problem as they readily roost and nest in man-made structures, at sea or on land.

Commercial Netmakers understand the capacity of pigeons to wreak havoc and have ready-made solutions in place to minimise your risk to this ever-present problem.

We recognise the importance in preventing pigeons from gaining access to roosting and possible nesting sites.

Our netting solutions ensure complete exclusion of birds so call us today to discuss your requirements with our experienced staff.

Our professionally designed and installed bird netting exclusion barriers can be installed in most places where birds infest, such as exposed air conditioning units, ridge vents and under cover areas. Poorly designed or maintained bird netting can led to birds becomes fatally trapped. Other solutions available for handling infestation such as lethal control techniques only ever achieve short term reduction