All About Cricket Nets

Whether you’re new to the game or cricket pro, there are certain pieces of equipment that are vital in helping you become the best of the best – and cricket nets are one of those essentials. Commercial Netmakers is the leading provider of highly durable, premium crickets in Perth. Here’s our guide to cricket netting and why you should invest in them today to really up your game.

What Are Cricket Nets?

The main purpose of cricket nets is to serve as practise nets for batters and bowlers to improve their cricketing styles and techniques. Similar in essence to baseball’s batting cages, however, they differ in providing ball containment. Constructed from strong, UV stabilised polyethylene netting material, cricket nets are highly durable and are designed to withstand the pressure and speed of cricket balls as well as being fully weatherproof. Cricket nets are very beneficial for practising both indoors and outdoors especially in universities, sporting clubs, schools, and open fields

The Two Main Types of Cricket Nets

Ball stop netting – perfect for use around the ground, the backyard or for training, ball stop netting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need to protect windows or spectators, or stop the ball going out of the ground, ball stop netting is strong and robust to easily take the wear and tear of a cricket ball.

Practice nets – suitable for training sessions and match days. This netting is seen in professional and amateur cricket grounds around the world prior to the start of games for batting practice and warm-up and as a ball stop net behind wicket-keepers and fielding practice.

Why Are the Benefits of Having Quality Nets?

Save Time

As cricket nets serve as a barrier to stop balls from being thrown on the field, they can save you loads of time that would otherwise be spent chasing after and searching for a run-away ball. This means you have more time to focus on practising your techniques.

Master Your Craft Alone

You no longer need someone to get the ball for you during your practise if you have cricket nets installed. As pointed out earlier, cricket nets will block the ball from travelling long distances. A cricket net cage facility means you can put in hours of practise alone to work on your swing, without the need for others to run the breadth of the field to gather your cricket ball again and again.

Increase Safety

By blocking stray cricket balls, nets can significantly improve level of safety during batting and bowling training sessions. Keep stray cricket balls contained so they don’t hit and smash windows or hit spectators and passers-by.

Practice in Any Weather

A sheltered practising facility with quality polyethylene netting provides the perfect way to get hours of training in whether you’re a batter, bowler or all-rounder as the weather won’t affect the facilities.

Cricket nets allow you to master your craft easier especially if you choose multiple lane cricket nets.

Designed to last through intense batting and bowling training sessions, Commercial Netmakers high quality cricket netting is essential equipment for every sporting club. Our experienced cricket net construction team will design and produce a custom product that you and your team can be truly happy to train and play with. Get in touch with us today on (08) 9434 6000 or contact us online for an obligation free quote.

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