Most Common Types of Netting

It sounds simple, but netting comes in a wide variety of designs and quality, and making the right choice for your needs can be tricky! Netting is an investment that you want to last. Commercial Netmakers offers a range of netting products to suit your needs. To help you decide what type of netting you’re after, here is our handy guide on the most common types of netting available.

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Sports Netting

Sports netting is commonly supplied in the form of gaming nets, barriers or support structures. This type of high-usage netting needs to be durable and well-made to fit Australian standards. Commercial Netmakers supplies many types of sports netting, including:

  • outdoor sports – sports such as soccer and tennis require a variety of net sizes and shapes
  • court sports – volleyball, futsal, netball and basketball require nets large and small
  • recreational netting – mining camps or outdoor camping sites may use netting to create obstacle courses
  • water sports – whether it’s on the sand or in the pool, water sports require a range of netting

Pest Control Netting

It can be surprising to learn that netting to control pigeons is very common. Pigeons can infest exposed air vents, refrigerator units and other structures, sometimes causing thousands of dollars’ damage to a business. Bird netting exclusion nets can eliminate this problem.

Horticulture, Agricultural and Aquaculture Nets

Another type of pest control netting is that which is used in agricultural industries to protect trees from birds. Specific netting can also help with fruit flies and protecting growing vegetables. Netting in aquaculture can be used to protect, separate or partition fish farm tanks, ponds and more.

Mining Nets

Mining nets are becoming increasingly common as the mining industry remains on the rise in some areas of Australia. Mining nets can include safety structures as well as cargo nets to secure loads.

Barrier Nets

Barrier nets can be used in mining and construction industries and are known to save lives. These safety nets are often installed to allow tradespeople to work safely from a height. They enable workers to move around freely, keeping them safe from potential accidents. Safety nets are also used in protective circumstances against cyclones to tie down belongings, something Australians are well-versed in.

High-Quality, Custom Netting in Perth

At Commercial Netmakers, we are the experts on all netting, whether common or custom made! We provide the perfect netting for your problem and design work procedures to ensure you have the right solution that’s made to last. We believe in full customer satisfaction and high-quality, long-lasting materials.

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