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The experts in total bird exclusion, we have a wide range of versatile bird netting solutions suitable for commercial applications.

With over 30 years’ experience, at Commercial Netmakers, our range of bird netting is packed with features to ensure all protective requirements are met. Specifically designed to provide protection from small and large birds, our high quality bird netting is an ideal preventative measure, eliminating bird damage, disease and annoying habitation.

How Does Bird Netting Work?

By carefully identifying the bird species and matching the netting mesh size accordingly, Commercial Netmakers bird netting provides an effective and humane barrier. Providing a long term solution against bird related property damage, disease spread and annoying congested bird activity, our netting is made from high density polyethylene composition, and is available in various sizes and densities including:

  • Fine mesh (15mm) anti bird netting – designed specifically to prevent small birds from entering gaps in the roof of buildings or structures and causing damage to buildings.
  • 15mm – ideal for gardens or crops, this mesh size makes it almost impossible for crops to be damaged while allowing appropriate penetration by sunlight and water.
  • 58mm to 75mm – a humane and effective way to prevent bird droppings entering public places or water supplies, and infestation in buildings and structures.

Durable and versatile, commercial bird netting is commonly used in: warehouse ceilings, bridge undersides, ledges, billboards, balconies, loading docks, hangers, eaves, roofs, air-conditioning enclosures and many other applications.

The Specialists in All Agricultural and Horticultural Netting

We are the experts in netting, so contact our friendly team today. Our professional netting manufacturers can provide you with a netting solution that will stand the test of time, providing maximum protection from birds, pests and the harsh Australian climate. Our extensive range of agricultural and horticultural nets includes:

We can also custom design and manufacture sports netting, nets for mining and industrial purposes, safety nets and pest control nets so whatever your requirements, we can help.

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At Commercial Netmakers, we are experienced in meeting the needs of the mining sector and its remote communities. Whether you need safety nets, pest control nets or if you’re after wildlife barrier protection for your tailings facilities or dams, we are here to help. Contact us online today or call (08) 9434 6000.