Insect attack can mean disaster to your unprotected Investment. Reduce or eliminate your risk by using veggie net.

Vege net is a light and versatile product, approximately 45gm2 + 2% suitable for throw over applications and small structures. Our vege net carries a 5 year pro rata UV stability warranty.

Ideally suited to the home garden or hobby farmer, vege net can be used to cover vegetable gardens to stop pests, or over trees to stop fruit fly and birds or it can be laid over vegetables to help protect from frost. Vege net is not only versatile but cost effective.

DIY Guide

Materials: Lengths of flexible tube or bamboo (or prefabricated hoops); ground pegs, vege net

1. Insert one end of tubes or bamboo along edges of plant rows or garden bed. Bend over to form hoops and firmly insert the other end into soil or edge of garden bed.

2. Lay the vege net alongside your row of hoops and open out; anchor one edge with ground-pegs or other weights. Take the free edge and gently pull it over the hoops; anchor with weights on the other side.

3. Tie off the ends of the net and anchor firmly with weights or small stake.

4. Plants can be watered through the net; to weed and harvest, simply remove weights along one side and gently lift the net to access plants.