Commercial Netmakers structures protect from birds, sun, hail, wind and insects.

Protective canopies are at the heart of an effective Risk Management System. Whether you are a mining company seeking to keep birds and other wildlife out of your ponds and dams, a research company seeking to prevent cross-breeding or protection of plant breeder rights or a large scale horticulturist, you need to consider protective net systems.

With increasing erratic weather pattern and current projections by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology pointing to higher temperatures more often over the coming decades, it makes sense to consider crop protection structures that have multiple uses and benefits. While bird incidence may be the major factor determining net choice, other considerations include, shade/sunburn, hail, wind and evaporation.

If left unmanaged pest attack and weather can severely impact on projected harvest results. Commercial Netmakers canopies protect from birds, sun, hail, wind and insects.

We specialise in building permanent structures and offer a full onsite consultation service. We will assess your site requirement, design a permanent structure that meets your specific needs and install it quickly, safely and professionally.

Our structures are an environmental-friendly solution that has proven strength and durability. All canopies carry a warranty against UV degradation and structures can be engineered rated.

Some benefits of structures may include

•  Reduced wind
•  Improved yields & quality
•  Moderate temperature
•  Reduced sunburn and wind damage
•  Partial Shade
•  Pest and weather protection
•  Aid in risk management
•  Reduced irrigation
•  Reduced evaporation and transpiration
•  Scare tactics not needed
•  Highly appropriate for organic production
•  Advanced fruit maturity & harvest dates
•  Micro climate modification