The Use of Tie-down Nets for Restraint

If you work in a job where you carry cargo then you know the importance of good netting. In Western Australia, a lot of our labour comes from the mining industry, which thrives on high-quality and functional nets.

Let’s explore some of the best ways our nets can be used as restraints and when you might need one for your job.

Tie Down Nets for Restraint - Australia

Cyclones and Tie-Down Nets

Cyclone season starts in November in Western Australia. If you want to be prepared, you need the best products. We can design, manufacture and install customised tie down net solutions. These nets will help to see you through a cyclone safely.

Under this category, we can provide you with netting for conveyor systems, access restriction, or fall protection. Speak to one of our experienced representatives for honest advice and a quote.

We’re members of the labour industry ourselves. We know that flying debris can be a major risk to people and property during any storm. Our high quality and well-rated netting will help you limit the risks. Whether you’re worried about cyclones or other bad weather, we can provide the right nets for your safety.


Nets for Miners and Industrial Work

We offer specialty nets for miners and those who work in industrial environments. These nets help to tie down and restrain your items. Not only does this improve safety, it also increases efficiency and reduces wastage. When you need a net that’s designed for your mining activity, just speak to our experts.


Safety and Cargo Netting

We understand the importance of providing the best safety solutions. That’s why we only manufacture products with the strongest, most durable materials and the highest ratings.

Commercial Netmakers is also dedicated to providing the fastest turnaround time for your customised nets. With our team on your side, you’ll never have to stop your work or compromise your safety.

Interested in learning about other uses for tie down nets as restraints? Browse our website now or give us a call today. We will design and install a net that meets your needs.

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