Tie-Down Nets for Cyclone Protection in Perth and WA

Whether you’re in mining, construction, or any other industry, severe storms can wreak havoc on your operation. During cyclone season, from November to April, cyclones cause untold damage across Western Australia. You need a way to secure objects on your site to avoid property damage and the loss of equipment or supplies.

That’s where Commercial Netmakers’ nets for cyclone protection come in.

Durable, Custom Made Cyclone Nets

Our nets are fabricated to your requirements and tested to ensure optimal performance. We use only the best quality netting materials available, never compromising on performance to save money.

Custom Made Nets from Expert Netmakers

Our nets for cyclone protection custom designed and built for you based on your specific needs. This is important because you need the right netting solution when you’re going up against severe cyclonic weather.

Our qualified and experienced net makers will work with you directly to come up with the best possible solution for your needs. Our team is guided by the direction of George Williamson, who has 35 years of industry experience.

Our Complete Service Solution

With Commercial Netmakers, you don’t just get great products; you also get amazing service. Our team can custom design and manufacture your cyclone nets ourselves. This means we have complete control over the process, ensuring the design is followed perfectly and that the strictest quality controls are in place. Once your order is ready, our net suppliers will deliver and install it for you on-site, making sure it is rigged safely and securely.

Get in Touch

If you’re concerned about property damage or injury on your worksite during storm season, contact Commercial Netmakers today and ask about our custom made cyclone nets. Call us on (08) 9434 6000 or enquire online.