It seems like hail storms have become more frequent than in years past, news reports of crops, cars and houses being damaged seem to be regular occurrences.

The statistics support this: for the last 40 years, Perth has averaged 1.3 hail storms per year. However, we have 7 in the last 3 years alone.

Hail nets can mitigate this risk and the associated costs and Commercial Netmakers can help.

Hail net have a main mesh plus strands of monofilament that stretch across the apertures of the main mesh and reduce the hole size. The strands of monofilament are known as cross-stitches. Cross stitched nets have a major advantage – the hole size of a large mesh net can be reduced without adding too much weight or excessively reducing light transmission through the net. In areas where hail storms are less regular, flat canopies are used. The net catches the hail and stops it damaging the crop. With this design the net gives under the weight of the hail and stretches (usually returning to tension after the hail has melted). The cable holding the nets are positioned over the tree rows and the nets sag into the inter-row space between tree rows, thus minimising damage to trees.

Hail Netting

· 8mm Quad Crossover 118g/m2
Widths: 6m to 10m[ Specifications ]

· 12mm Quad Crossover 100g/m2
Widths: 6m, 10m, 12m, 14m[ Specifications ]

· 16mm Quad Crossover 80g/m2
Widths: 8m, 16m, 20m[ Specifications ]