Safety Nets Australia

At Commercial Netmakers, we understand that safety is paramount for any project, whether it’s in mining or construction. We are committed to providing the highest quality safety nets that are custom-designed to meet your needs.

We also provide custom safety netting for a range of other important non-industrial applications and we have a qualified safety net rigger on our team (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training Qualified).

Uses and Applications

There is a huge range of uses for safety netting, from preventing falls to helping wildlife safely cross highways. Commercial Netmakers can provide custom netting that will perform brilliantly for any purpose.

Fall Arrest Nets

Fall arrest safety netting is essential in any environment where people will be working at a height. If all other precautions fail, you want the peace of mind knowing that anyone who falls will be caught in a secure net.

Conveyor Catch Nets

These safety nets – which are placed under conveyor belts to catch falling objects – are essential for protecting anyone working below. Depending on what’s being transported, they may also help you salvage products or equipment that would otherwise be destroyed by a fall.

Barrier Walls

Custom netting can also be used to create barrier walls to prevent falls on a construction site. This is more cost-effective than installing temporary walls.

Egress Nets

Rope nets that can be used like ladders to help people or animals escape from mining ponds are very important.

Cyclone Nets

In areas where severe storms are common, intense winds can lead to loss of property and create dangerous flying debris. Cyclone tie-down nets allow you to keep your property safe and secured.

Stay Safe

Our nets can be used around swimming areas to keep ducks & other birds from defecating in pools and contaminating the water from unsuspecting bathers.

Highway Crossings for Local Fauna

Highway crossing – often called ‘possum bridges’ – provide a safe way for local fauna to cross busy highways without endangering themselves. This also makes drivers safer, reducing the chance of accidents caused by animals on the road.

Quality Management and Safety Ratings

At Commercial Netmakers, all our custom safety nets undergo rigorous quality control testing and are safety rated to meet or exceed Australian standards as well as British and European standards.

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