Pest control nets are an integral factor in the maintenance of productive and healthy crops, hygienic spaces, and balanced ecosystems.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and their impact ranges from a minor inconvenience to significant damage and costs. The team at Commercial Netmakers are industry leaders in the supply and installation of netting for an extensive range pest control situations.

Bird Nets

Bird nets can solve a lot of your pest control problems, particularly in urban or industrial settings. Pigeons are particularly troublesome in these areas as they roost in manmade structures and urban environments. Pigeons create a significant and ongoing mess, which can cause health concerns for those using public spaces. They also obstruct machinery and can cause major damage. Netting is a practical solution with proven results.

Insect Netting

Insects are prolific in both tropical and desert environments. For those of us living in Western Australia, that means a double serving of trouble. Insects are not only a nuisance – they can impact on vegetable gardens, home orchards and commercial horticultural settings. With fruit flies becoming increasingly prevalent, insect netting is a great solution for crop protection. 

Environmental Benefits of Netting

Netting provides a physical barrier to keep pests away, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to spraying chemicals. Nets are efficient and consistent, and once installed, they will maintain their purpose and their function   with a little maintenance. This means less chemical production and application and less ongoing use of resources.

Netting also makes pest control more cost effective overall.

Netting can also provide support to native animals and local ecosystems by discouraging the presence of feral and predatory animals. When the food supply is cut off, these roving pests will go elsewhere, leaving the local environment to balance itself.