When it comes to horticulture, aquaculture and agriculture, there is a range of netting applications to choose from. At Commercial Netmakers, we make it easy. We will supply and fit quality, fit for purpose agriculture nets and horticulture nets that will help protect your investments.  Not only can we provide the right netting for the job, but also the right supporting structure – Australia wide.

For Pest and Wildlife Control

We have a range of netting options to exclude birds and stop them from roosting.  Fruit fly and other insects can damage your harvest.  These nets can be used to protect crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, and more. Bird netting, vegetable nets, fruit fly nets, and insect screens are all available in small sizes for the home gardener or hobby farmer or in large quantities for the commercial grower which can be custom fitted to suit your requirements.

We also supply weed mats for weed control. These mats offer a practical, effective, and environmentally friendly means of weed maintenance, without the use of chemical sprays. They are made from durable, long lasting materials in a range of sizes to keep weed areas under control.

Control Your Environment

When it comes to protection from the elements, Commercial Netmakers provides shade cloths, hail protection and wind breaks.

Shade cloths protect people, animals and produce from sun damage and they offer a screen against the harsh Australian rays. Shade cloths also create a microclimate and windbreak to help crops to flourish.

In hail affected areas, commercial grade netting is a sound investment, saving on damage costs and delivering peace of mind. Windbreaks are convenient and protective, reducing spray drift, evaporation, litter, and dust. For high wind areas, Commercial Netmakers can custom fit a protective net to keep things in order.

Aquaculture Netting

Aquaculture netting is an integral part of the farming process and quality nets are a must. Commercial Netmakers are experienced providers for aquaculture settings, providing nets that protect against natural predators. Talk to us for guidance and advice, both before and after your purchase.