Egress Nets Australia

Egress nets form an essential part of your mining company’s safety and environmental protection policies. They are a specialised form of safety netting that acts as ladders on the steep, slippery sides and geotextiled lined ponds that are frequently used in mining operations.

Perth’s Commercial Netmakers can create strong and practical custom made nets that are designed to suit your exact needs.

Why Are Egress Nets Important

First and foremost, egress safety netting can protect local wildlife from drowning. Mines are mainly located in dry environments in Western Australian and water sources on mine sites tend to attract animals. Steep sides and wet pond walls are hazards for animals, causing them to become trapped in the water, eventually becoming exhausted and drown. The ladder-like design of egress nets allows animals to escape.

Damage to Your Property

Animals that are trapped and clawing at the side of the pond to escape can also damage important pond nets or surrounding equipment.

Dangers to Humans

While the chances of a person becoming trapped are lower, it can still happen. Whether it is someone trespassing on the property or an employee, it’s important that you have a way for anyone who falls into a pond on your mining site to escape.

How We Help

Commercial Netmakers can assist by fabricating egress nets that are suitable for small animals such as lizards and snakes, or larger animals like dingoes and kangaroos. These safety netting solutions will also minimise the health and safety risk to your personnel. Our nets are manufactured from rope or net and are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of the net never close or fold at the weight of a person or animal.

We use only stainless steel and galvanised anchor points and fixings. Nets with weighted spreader bars can also be made if required and life buoys and other accessories can be included on request.

Get in Touch

If you use ponds in your mining operation and want to protect wildlife and your property, contact Commercial Netmakers today about our custom made egress nets. Call us on (08) 9434 6000 or enquire online.