Our Nets

Quality Management Systems

Commercial Netmakers believes in producing quality outcomes and products for its customers. As such, we have made the following commitment:

“Commercial Netmakers shall establish, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System and continually improve its effectiveness”.

Commercial Netmakers will maintain quality standards that exceed the expectations of its customers, are based on ISO 9001:2008 standards and ensure they are continuously improved.

We use the ‘process approach to management’ to provide management structure. The key components of Commercial Netmakers’ Quality Management System (“QMS”) include:

    • Our management’s commitment to quality and the QMS;
    • Our management’s commitment to ensuring customer requirements are determined;
    • Our customer’s requirements being exceeded;
    • Proper planning for meeting customer requirements;
    • Provide the resources to complete work that exceeds customer expectations;
    • Measure, analyse and improve our products, processes and performance; and
    • The appropriate documentation of our QMS.

Most importantly, we are committed to continuously improving our performance.