The Many Ways to Use Bird Netting

Bird netting is used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas or entering spaces. Made of robust polyethylene mesh, it essentially keeps birds away without harming them. Frequently used to seal spaces such as chimney flues, balconies, vents and other bird entry points, there are also many other uses for this versatile product. Commercial Netmakers are the netting experts in Perth, with many years’ experience suppling quality bird netting solutions to clients across Australia. Here are a few uses for bird netting that you may have not considered.

Protection of Fish Ponds

Bird netting can be used on ponds of all sizes to prevent bird attacks from above and also to prevent ground predators entering the water.

In Gables and Eaves

Nesting birds can cause serious damage to the structure of a home or building and they leave behind droppings and mess which looks unsightly. Bird netting under eaves or gables will deter birds from nesting there.

In Orchards to Stop Fruit Being Eaten

Whether you have a couple of fruit trees in the backyard or a large commercial orchard, bird nets prevent birds, possums, fruit bats and other pests attacking and destroying your crops.

To Keep Pests Out of Entertaining Areas

Bird netting is an easy and affordable way to limit birds and other pests from entering gazebos or other outdoor living and entertaining spaces.

To Deter Other Pests

If applied in the right way, bird nets not only deter birds, but also other pests, such as possums, mice rates and other feral animals that might try to get inside your home or building.

Use Instead of Chicken Wire

Using bird netting instead of chicken wire is an attractive way to enclose a chicken pen, deterring and preventing predators from the air and ground, keeping chickens safe and secure.

Installation of Bird Netting

Installation is a straightforward task, although it does require patience, precision and some understanding of netting and its stretch. Note down information about areas you want netted down and seek advice from a professional netting supplier. You will also need to take accurate measurements of the area on which you want install the nets so you can be sure you have the right amount. For smaller projects, it is possible to DIY. Simply weave a smooth or PVC coated wire through the edge of every mesh in the net.  This is an important step to hold the net out in shape.  Then clip or attach this wire to another wire or beam that has been attached to the surface of the area requiring netting.  It is important to have the correct tension on the net.  If the net hangs too loosely, animals may get caught in it and damage the net over time. For the best result, professional installation will ensure the bird netting is installed correctly and will last for years to come.

At Commercial Netmakers, we supply and install high quality UV stabilised bird netting that will not only last in the Australian sun for years, but can withstand all types of weather conditions including harsh wind and storms. If you are after exceptional quality bird netting, clips, beam and spring or any other bird netting componentry for your commercial site or residential project get in touch with us online today or call (08) 9434 6000 today to speak with one of our experienced netting experts.

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