The Many Uses of Shade Cloth

Strong, durable and available in a range of densities, shade cloth is also incredibly versatile, offering great cost effective solutions for many applications around the home. While most of us are probably aware that shade cloth is predominantly used to protect crops, people, dams and livestock from the harsh Australian climate, there are actually many [...]

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Repairing or Replacing Sports Netting

From Tennis to cricket, soccer to athletics, nearly all sports require some form of netting. Whether it be for goal posts, to divide up courts or to protect spectators there are multiple uses for high quality and durable sports nets. Sporting equipment such as netting is always going to wear quickly because of constant use, [...]

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Choosing the Right Cargo Netting for the Job

If you are you are transporting commercial loads without the correct cargo netting, you could be setting yourself up for a fine. In Australia, the law requires that commercial vehicles secure their loads with safety netting to prevent accidents and injuries. Safety is important. You can’t just use any net to secure your load. There [...]

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What is Debris Netting Used for?

Debris netting has many functions and is widely used in many industries. Made from lightweight yet durable UV stabilized polyethylene, it is commonly used in mining, agriculture and construction. In general, debris netting fights the wind and elements to keep construction or other debris contained, protecting the surrounding area from falling or blowing items. Let’s [...]

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What are Egress Nets?

Egress nets are a specialised form of safety netting that act as a ladder on the steep, slippery sides and geotextiled lined ponds that are frequently used in mining operations. Playing an essential role in the safety and environmental protection policies of most mine sites throughout Australia, egress netting, in simple terms, is hard-wearing open [...]

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The Goal of Sports Netting

Whether you’re in need of sports netting for personal use or as part of a school or commercial industry, it’s important that the netting you choose is tough, well-fitted and long-lasting. It’s also important to note that different sports will require different types of nets so ensure you’re getting just the right materials for your [...]

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Nothing But Nets

Custom made nets are being used in various industries such as sports, construction, mining, horticulture, fishing, agriculture and pest control. Knowing the difference between each type of net and how to ensure you have the right net for the job is imperative. We discuss some of the major aspects that need to be considered when choosing a net to suit the purpose.  […]

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Most Common Types of Netting

It sounds simple, but netting comes in a wide variety of designs and quality, and making the right choice for your needs can be tricky! Netting is an investment that you want to last. Commercial Netmakers offers a range of netting products to suit your needs. To help you decide what type of netting you’re [...]

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Repairing Nets – Everything You Need to Know

In the world of heavy-duty products, they don't come bigger or better than nets. Like everything else that's used in high volumes, nets will invariably sustain some damage. Fortunately, they can usually be repaired and restored to their excellent function. Here is our guide to repairing nets.   Step 1: Determine the Damage The first [...]

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What to Look for in a Net Maker

When you buy a new tool you’re not just concerned about what it can do or how much it costs, but where it came from too. The name behind your purchase is important because it will either represent excellence or inferiority. In the long run, this could mean big savings or huge headaches for your business. When it comes to nets, the same concept applies. Make sure you do your research and find a net maker who can provide you with custom netting or a readymade solution. They should be able to provide a product that meets your specifications and they should have the customer service to match. Here are a few guidelines for finding the right net maker.

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