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A Guide to Using Shade Cloth in Your Garden

While commercial grade shade cloth is commonly used for dust control and the protection of crops, people, dams and livestock in the construction and agriculture industries, it has increased in popularity amongst domestic gardeners due to the fact that it is a durable, inexpensive material that is available in a range of densities, styles and […]

Fire Retardant Netting to Meet the Building Code

In recent times across Australia, there has been a string of serious fires on high profile building sites whereby netting fixed to multi-storey scaffolding has ignited, resulting in the deployment of emergency services and the evacuation of personnel from the work site and surrounds. At Commercial Netmakers, we are one of the leading netting suppliers […]

Safety Netting for Fall Protection

In the construction and mining industries, workers are consistently operating in hazardous environments where falls from heights are possible. Employers and employees alike rely on state-of-the-art fall protection equipment to work safely on various types of structures. There are many different options for fall protection, so let’s take a look at safety netting systems. The […]

Ways to Protect Your Crop from Birds, Flies & Other Pests

While not all birds are nuisances in the garden, some can be destructive, digging up seeds or feeding on seedlings and mature crops. Protecting your crops from birds and other pests can be a difficult task especially if you are considering natural methods, but there are numerous strategies that may work. Read on further to […]

The Many Uses of Shade Cloth

Strong, durable and available in a range of densities, shade cloth is also incredibly versatile, offering great cost effective solutions for many applications around the home. While most of us are probably aware that shade cloth is predominantly used to protect crops, people, dams and livestock from the harsh Australian climate, there are actually many […]

What is Debris Netting Used for?

debris netting perth

Debris netting has many functions and is widely used in many industries. Made from lightweight yet durable UV stabilized polyethylene, it is commonly used in mining, agriculture and construction. In general, debris netting fights the wind and elements to keep construction or other debris contained, protecting the surrounding area from falling or blowing items. Let’s […]

What are Egress Nets?

Egress nets are a specialised form of safety netting that act as a ladder on the steep, slippery sides and geotextiled lined ponds that are frequently used in mining operations. Playing an essential role in the safety and environmental protection policies of most mine sites throughout Australia, egress netting, in simple terms, is hard-wearing open […]