What is Debris Netting Used for?

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Debris netting has many functions and is widely used in many industries. Made from lightweight yet durable UV stabilized polyethylene, it is commonly used in mining, agriculture and construction. In general, debris netting fights the wind and elements to keep construction or other debris contained, protecting the surrounding area from falling or blowing items. Let’s look at some of the main uses of debris netting.

Worker and Pedestrian Safety

Commonly used in a construction site to protect pedestrians, workers and vehicles from falling debris and objects, debris netting can be used in almost all construction sites, and is especially useful in high rise buildings. It is also widely used for enclosing scaffolding systems to create a wind barrier, eliminate dust and debris that may affect the surrounding environment and importantly increase pedestrian and worker safety.

Contain Landfill

Debris netting is commonly used in areas of mining sites, construction sites and other such areas where rubbish and landfill may pile up, the netting will help contain any litter and debris ensuring it will not blow away and cause potential injuries or harm to people or the surrounding environment.

Agricultural Uses

Also a perfect solution for greenhouses, gardens and agricultural areas to protect plants from birds, insects and other pests that may cause harm. Debris netting is environmental friendly, worm resistant, cold resistant, corrosion resistant and fire resistant – the perfect all round netting.

Features of Debris Netting

  • Open mesh design allows wind to pass through
  • Durable, lightweight and has a waterproof coating
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cold and corrosion resistant
  • Button-hole eyelets for easy installation
  • Flame retardant & non-flame available

Why Choose Commercial Netmakers for your Debris Netting?

At Commercial Netmakers, not only can we fabricate nets for large and heavy objects we can also add a liner to the net ensuring smaller objects such as tools, bolts and screws are caught if they fall. Custom made to your requirements, we can manufacturer the perfect debris netting for your site. Contact us today and we will help get your netting needs sorted.

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