The Goal of Sports Netting

Whether you’re in need of sports netting for personal use or as part of a school or commercial industry, it’s important that the netting you choose is tough, well-fitted and long-lasting. It’s also important to note that different sports will require different types of nets so ensure you’re getting just the right materials for your game.

Need netting for your sport of choice? Read on to find out everything you should know about each type of sports netting.

close-up of badminton net at indoor court


You simply can’t play tennis without a net. The net plays a part in the rules of tennis and its scoring system. A tennis net needs to be durable as it could be prone to sagging, which would alter the game. It also sits in the harsh Australian sun all year round without any shelter so it should have some resilience to UV.


Similar to tennis, badminton nets are essential to the game. Badminton nets can sit higher than tennis nets and don’t get as much wear and tear due to the fact that they are only getting hit by a lightweight shuttlecock. Facilities at sports and recreational centres are in constant use so public nets should be of the highest possible quality.

Basketball Net

A basketball net needs to be both flexible and durable. It’s not uncommon to see basketball nets ripping or completely breaking away from the ring. Investing in a good quality net is crucial if you want it to last longer; a good net will live just as long as the ring and backboard.

Hockey and Soccer Nets

These nets need to be flexible but extremely sturdy. Hockey and soccer nets get a fair bit of heavy impact which, over time, will wear out a poor-quality net. These types of nets need to slack enough to allow the ball or puck to enter the net without bouncing back but strong enough to withstand repeated impact. Outdoor nets should be weather, UV and even insect resistant to protect nets in contact with grasses and plants where insects may reside.


Batting cages and batting nets can be fabricated to suit any dimensions. These are often out in the harsh sun and need to be protected against UV rays and resistant to the weather. It also is beneficial for them to be anti-bacterial, anti-insect and dust repellent.

Choose the Netting

At Commercial Netmakers, we are the experts for all sports netting, whether standard or custom-made! We will find the perfect sports netting solution for your game and design procedures. We understand that your nets are high-impact equipment in constant use, so we strive for full customer satisfaction and high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Commercial Netmakers is the experts when it comes to making and mending sporting nets in Western Australia. Contact us today for any of our custom netting solutions.

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