The Many Uses of Shade Cloth

Strong, durable and available in a range of densities, shade cloth is also incredibly versatile, offering great cost effective solutions for many applications around the home. While most of us are probably aware that shade cloth is predominantly used to protect crops, people, dams and livestock from the harsh Australian climate, there are actually many uses for the humble shade cloth! Let’s take a look at a few.

Weather-Proofing an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Waterproof shade cloth is an affordable option for weather-proofing an outdoor entertainment area. Providing protection from the rain, wind, sun and harsh UV rays, shade cloth can be installed quite easily and high quality fabrics are available in a range of colour options to complement your existing exterior.

In the Garden

Different plants have different light and heat requirements so using shade cloth can provide relief from the summer heat and allow the amount of light penetration your plants receive to be tailored. Ideally suited for plant protection, shade cloth allows light and water to pass through freely promoting healthy plant growth whilst providing protection from damaging UV rays. Shade cloth can be hung over ferneries and pergolas or to be used to create shade houses. Also great for protection of fruit trees and other crops from birds and other pests.

A Sandpit Cover

Shade cloth has long been used to shade outdoor play areas and sand pits, but if you are looking for a great way to keep animals, leaves and debris out of your child’s sandpit when it’s not in use, then a cover made from shade cloth might be the perfect solution. As the fabric is breathable, moisture can escape leaving the sand dry and any unwanted objects out.

A Pool shade

Easy to install, affordable and offering high UV protection, shade cloth is a simple solution for keeping your family sun safe in the water. Shade cloth can also be used to create a privacy screen, providing a changing area near swimming pools and it can also be used as a pool cover, keeping larger leaves and debris out of the water.

Fly Screen Replacement

Shade cloth can be a great alternative for torn fly wire screens. It’s difficult to see through which enhances privacy, and it’s knitted as a fine weave, making for great protection against bugs and mosquitos. It also has added benefit of insulation qualities, helping to keep the house cooler if your door is regularly bathed in full sunlight.

Pond Netting

Used to keep debris and leaves from entering the pond and eliminate pollution of the water, shade cloth can also protect fish and other pond creatures from predators such as birds and cats. It can also be used to block sunlight, allowing pond greenery to thrive.

Screens for Chicken Coops

Shade cloth lends a helping hand to keep chickens cool during harsh summers and chilly winters. A cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to protect your hens and chickens from natures elements allowing them to live and lay eggs in comfort all year round.

There’s hundreds of uses for shade cloth, in both domestic and commercial settings. Durable and affordable, it may just be the solution you are looking for. At Commercial Netmakers, we are the specialists in shade cloth in Perth. Offering a comprehensive range for DIY or we can offer a full on site consultation service where we design, supply and install to your requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

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