Repairing or Replacing Sports Netting

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From Tennis to cricket, soccer to athletics, nearly all sports require some form of netting. Whether it be for goal posts, to divide up courts or to protect spectators there are multiple uses for high quality and durable sports nets. Sporting equipment such as netting is always going to wear quickly because of constant use, however understanding that simple maintenance may prolong the life of the netting and knowing how to repair and when to replace the nets will help keep costs down and keep your sporting organisation running efficiently.

How Sports Netting Can Be Damaged

There are a few ways netting can be damaged. From general wear and tear to large holes, it’s inevitable that netting will become damaged over time. Whether they are used in schools, recreation centres, sporting clubs or backyards, no matter how durable the nets are to begin with constant usage and exposure to the elements will eventually lead to weakness in the structure of the material. Often there might be misuse by players or spectators, and sometimes nets may be the subject of vandalism. There’s multiple reasons why your nets may need some care and attention over time.

Maintenance to Ensure a Longer Lifespan

Regular maintenance of your netting will help to ensure many more years of usage as small areas of wear or damage can be fixed before succumbing to the cost of a large scale repair or full replacement. Sporting equipment needs to last as long as possible so by checking your netting regularly and identifying any issues quickly before they become too advanced to repair is key. At Commercial Netmakers, we can help with any maintenance questions you have and we can even plan a site visit and guide you through some maintenance techniques.

Replacing Sports Nets

After several repairs, there will come a time when your netting will need to be replaced. When this time comes you want to be sure you are receiving the highest quality nets at the most reasonable prices. At Commercial Netmakers, we specialise in premium sports netting solutions customised to your requirements. Our comprehensive product range is made from the highest UV rating to ensure it can withstand the Australian climate. Using the latest in machinery and assembly techniques our team has a full service solution for you, from design and engineering, to manufacture and installation, at the most competitive prices on the market.

Commercial Netmakers are the leading sports netting manufacturer in Western Australia. With years of experience providing sports netting to junior clubs, schools, councils, professional teams and sporting organisations Australia wide, there’s no better place for high performance premium netting than us. Contact our friendly team today for a free quote.

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