Repairing Nets – Everything You Need to Know

In the world of heavy-duty products, they don’t come bigger or better than nets. Like everything else that’s used in high volumes, nets will invariably sustain some damage.

Fortunately, they can usually be repaired and restored to their excellent function. Here is our guide to repairing nets.

Net Repair in Perth Australia


Step 1: Determine the Damage

The first step in repairing your net is finding out the type and extent of the damage. This will give you the information you need to perform the right repairs.

The best way to restore the mesh is to weave in an uninterrupted sequence. Determine if any trimming is necessary by stretching the damaged part of the net so the strands line up easily and become a “straight twine.”


Step 2: Arrange Netting Correctly

To repair your net correctly, you need to make sure the knots are all running in the same direction as when it was constructed. The knots must be in a perfect line. Depending on what the damage is, you will need to support the mesh while mending.


Step 3: Support the Net

There are a few ways to support the net as you mend. You can ask someone to hold the net above where it is being mended or you can hook a few meshes in the same row. You could also try weaving a bar or stick throughout the mesh. If you do this, you need to make sure all the meshes are in the same row and are supported equally at both ends.


Step 4: Start the First Knot

When mending a net you will need to make the first knot. To do this, pass the needle up through the mesh until a short tail of twine is below the knot. Twist this tail around the two bars of mesh above the twine and leading to the needle. Then throw the loop of the twine to the left to form a sheet before bending and pulling tight.


Step 5: Create More Knots

Depending on the type of damage, you will have to choose different knots to add to the mesh. Some examples are:

  • Net making knots
  • Left-side knots
  • Pick up knots
  • Right-side knots


Step 6: Finishing Knot

Once you have completed the job, finish it off with a final knot. Form a sheet bend in the same way as you formed a pick up knot. Then tie a half hitch around the bar opposite the last bar that was formed and pull tight.


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