What to Look for in a Net Maker

When you buy a new tool you’re not just concerned about what it can do or how much it costs, but where it came from too. The name behind your purchase is important because it will either represent excellence or inferiority. In the long run, this could mean big savings or huge headaches for your business.

When it comes to nets, the same concept applies. Make sure you do your research and find a net maker who can provide you with custom netting or a readymade solution. They should be able to provide a product that meets your specifications and they should have the customer service to match.

Here are a few guidelines for finding the right net maker.

What to look for in a netmaker



Years of Experience

Net making isn’t a skill that everyone can master. Experience and proper knowledge are very important. When you’re searching for the right net maker, see how many years of experience they have under their fingers.

George Williamson is the managing director at Commercial Netmakers. He has more than 30 years of net making experience in both the UK and Australia. George, is also one of only a handful of qualified netmakers in Australia, with a formal Netmaking qualification (UK).


Customer Service

You don’t just want someone to sell you a net. You want someone who will provide the right solution for your needs, whether your soccer club requires a new soccer goal net or you need help with a safety net. Trust the net maker who will talk to you about your specific requirements and recommend the best solution.

Find out what work procedures they follow and make sure all netting work is completed safely. Ask if they have quality controls in place that ensure the work is done properly. In addition, ask for references and search for reviews to find out what other customers have said about them.


Proper Qualifications

Make sure that the net maker you choose has the right qualifications. Ask where they performed their apprenticeship and if they are a qualified Net Rigger.


Business Standards

Great customer service goes hand in hand with good business standards. What does your net maker stand for? You want to choose a net maker that understands how to operate in a highly competitive global market. A good net maker will be committed to helping customers address their issues. They will supply durable and customisable netting solutions for a variety of industries.


Locally Manufactured

It’s always a good idea to source locally whenever you can. Local manufacturers will create products to Australian standards and contribute to the local economy. You can also reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding the need to import. Better yet, in the unlikely case that you have a problem, it’s easy to talk to a local manufacturer.


Services Offered

Find a provider who can design, manufacture and install your net and provide exceptional aftercare. Having an aftercare plan in place will ensure that your long-lasting, high-quality net will be as durable and strong as possible.


Commercial Netmakers are the best designers and manufacturers of netting in Western Australia. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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