Pest Control and Nets – Can It Really Stop Them?

If anyone knows the effect that pests can have, it’s West Australians. Pesky pests can impact on urban areas, man-made structure, health and safety and agricultural environments. For these reasons and more, it is important to have good netting systems in place for pest control.

At Commercial Netmakers in Perth, we design and manufacture locally made nets to Australian Standards. Trust our nets to be the first line of defence for your pest control efforts.

Pest Control Nets - Australia

Problems with Pests in Western Australia

When it comes to pest problems, there are a few reasons to take preventative action:

  • Causing damage to crops and food production
  • Threatening native animals and ecosystems
  • Preying on domestic or farm animals
  • Becoming a nuisance and a health hazard to people


Insects like fruit flies and mosquitoes, as well as birds like pigeons, can also cause issues with crops, hygiene, health and more.


Pest Control Netting Solutions

Commercial Netmakers knows the importance of high-quality netting solutions. Our nets keep pests out of where they don’t belong and provide much-needed peace of mind.

Some of our pest control netting includes:

Bird Netting and Pigeon Protection

Birds, especially pigeons, can cause millions of dollars in damages to urban areas each year. They roost and nest in man-made structures, either at sea or on land. Their nesting also brings up hygiene concerns for people who live and work nearby the location where a family of pigeons has roosted. That is why we have ready-made solutions in place to keep pigeons and other birds away.

We can provide netting exclusion barriers in places that birds are likely to infest, like exposed air conditioning units or undercover areas. Our nets and canopies protect against all birds, as well as hail, wind and insects. Each of our structures is environmentally friendly, strong, durable, and safe for both you and the birds. Our canopies and netting carry warranties against UV degradation.


Insect Protection

The biggest insect infestation problems occur in tropical areas and desert environments, two climates that WA is known for. That’s just one reason why it’s important to take preventative steps and avoid any insect issues in the west.

Whether you work in commercial horticulture or you have orchards at home, we can help you. We offer UV stable bird netting, insect screens and shade cloth that can protect your crops from pests. We also provide fruit fly nets to exclude fruit flies in a more organic natural and easy way than relying on traditional cover sprays. Fruit flies are becoming a major problem in home gardens and commercial enterprises. It’s important to take action with the right pest control netting. You can also protect your vegetables against attacks from insects with our innovative veggie netting and insect screens.


Enquire today and ask us about our custom or pre-made pest control netting solutions. Commercial Netmakers can design, manufacture and install a solution for you.

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