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The Many Ways to Use Bird Netting

Bird netting is used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas or entering spaces. Made of robust polyethylene mesh, it essentially keeps birds away without harming them. Frequently used to seal spaces such as chimney flues, balconies, vents and other bird entry points, there are also many other uses for this versatile product. Commercial Netmakers […]

Ways to Protect Your Crop from Birds, Flies & Other Pests

While not all birds are nuisances in the garden, some can be destructive, digging up seeds or feeding on seedlings and mature crops. Protecting your crops from birds and other pests can be a difficult task especially if you are considering natural methods, but there are numerous strategies that may work. Read on further to […]

Pest Control and Nets – Can It Really Stop Them?

If anyone knows the effect that pests can have, it’s West Australians. Pesky pests can impact on urban areas, man-made structure, health and safety and agricultural environments. For these reasons and more, it is important to have good netting systems in place for pest control.

At Commercial Netmakers in Perth, we design and manufacture locally made nets to Australian Standards. Trust our nets to be the first line of defence for your pest control efforts.

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