Pond Netting – The Best Way to Protect Your Pond Fish

A fishpond can create a tranquil centrepiece in a backyard, but they are often at risk from predators, leaves and debris. Shallow ponds are more susceptible to problems because predators have easier access, but no matter how shallow or deep your fishpond, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your fish. At Commercial Netmakers, we are Perth’s leading supplier of pond safety nets. Here’s our complete guide to keeping your pond safe and clean with netting.

What is Pond Netting?

Pond netting is heavy duty multi-purpose netting that can be installed on ponds, water gardens, lagoons and other water sources. Pond netting:

  • Protects valuable pond fish from predators
  • Provides shade, protecting pond plants from harsh sunlight
  • Prevents leaves and debris from falling into and polluting the water
  • Creates a protective barrier keeping children, pets and wildlife safe

Why Do I Need Pond Netting?

While pond netting is great for protecting fish from predators, one of the main reasons for using netting over a pond is to keep leaves and other debris out of the water. So why do we need to keep leaves and debris out of our ponds? Leaves decompose and release many compounds that put the lives of your fish at risk and promote algae growth. Leaf build-up is deadly to fish and while it may be possible to remove some of the leaves before they decay, you can’t possibly remove all of them and so preventing them from entering the water is much easier.

Choosing the Right Pond Netting

There are several options when it comes to choosing pond nets, but the main thing to consider is the mesh size. If the primary purpose of your nets is predator control, a large mesh will suffice. For leaf prevention, you may want to opt for a smaller mesh, depending on the size of the leaves that fall near pond. Most leaf netting will have a diamond shaped mesh weave with openings of various sizes. In most cases you should select a mesh that will keep leaves out, but still let food in. If contending with pine needles, acorns, and finer materials then a tighter mesh will be better. It’s important to note that as the mesh becomes finer, food will not pass through and some visibility will be lost into the pond.

Installing Pond Netting

There are several different methods of installing pond netting. The most common method is to stretch the netting across the pond and secure with rocks or tent stakes. Netting can also be attached to PVC frames or dome structures. However you choose to install it, don’t let the nets sit loosely over the water – this may be a safety hazard for the pond fish and for other critters or people visiting the pond. With the netting down, the collected leaves need to be removed regularly. Avoid letting the leaves build up too much, as they get wet and heavy they may damage the netting.

Other Ways to Protect Your Pond Fish

Pond Nets are the ideal solution to keep your fish safe, however, there are other things you can do and use in conjunction with nets to ensure maximum protection: 

  • Use decoys – Most predators will not intrude on an area they perceive as already dominated by one of their kind, and they won’t risk attack from a natural rival like a snake or owl. Use artificial versions as decoys, but remember to move them around frequently so that predators don’t catch on.
  • Consider alternative food and water – Placing bird feeders and other food sources strategically around your property will draw predators away from your pond.
  • Use Repellents – A versatile way to ward off predators, for best results, they should be applied regularly, especially after rain.
  • Add hiding places – predators will not be able to eat or destroy your fish if they cannot find them so ensure your pond provides plenty of floating vegetation in which your fish can hide.

If you are looking for the best quality pond nets at the right price, contact Commercial Netmakers today. With over 30 years’ experience, we can custom design and manufacture pond netting to suit your needs and budget. Made from premium mesh materials that will provide maximum protection without sacrificing visibility or aesthetic appeal, there’s no better way to protect your pond life. Contact us for a quotation today.

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