Tennis Net

While the origins of tennis are disputed – some believe the game began in 12th Century France. While others maintain that we have the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans tot thank – the modern games popularity cannot be denied. Everyone from kids to seniors, tennis is truly a sport for all.

As the supplier of tennis nets for professional tournaments, countless clubs and private courts across Australia, Commercial Netmakers can supply the exact quality tennis net from our range, to suit your requirements and budget. For new court installations or court refurbishments, we also offer tennis net posts and tennis net winders, centre straps and weights.

Our specialist knowledge and years of experience, along with the expertise of our staff, allow us to professionally supply and install tennis court perimeter barrier netting solutions with the client that is both cost effective and suited to the needs of the individual tennis court.

Tennis Net Full Drop Tournament

Full Drop – 12.80m x 1.07m

Material high tenacity polypropylene, 3mm thickness and mesh size 43mm. White polyester tape on top, black polyester tape on both sides and bottom. One eyelet on both sides of the tape and double tension rope 3mm. Steel cable coated 5mm.


Tennis Net Tournament

2”6” drop Length – 12.72m/12.2 x 76.2

Material high tenacity polyethylene double braided 3mm net on the top third, polyester top tape and PVC on sides and bottom.

Of course, if you don’t have a standard size court or perhaps, a half tennis net. Commercial Netmakers can custom fabricate a net to any size.


Tennis Court Accessories

Centre straps, top, bottom and side tapes, tennis winders, cables, net weights and repairs.