Hockey Net

At Commercial Netmakers we provide a wide variety of hockey nets to suit your every need, from Outdoor Hockey to Ice Hockey and everything in between we have a solution for you.  With a range of high quality nets to choose from, we have you covered.

As the supplier of hockey nets to Universities, schools, clubs and private courts across Australia, Commercial Netmakers can supply the exact quality hockey nets from our range, to suit your requirements and budget. We can also design and install Hockey and Indoor Hockey perimeter netting, call us to discuss your needs.

If your goals don’t suit the goal net sizes below.  Commercial Netmakers team can fabricate nets in knotless polypropylene or knotted polyethylene to fit any goal.


Sizes and Colours

Outdoor Hockey Goal Nets
Size- 3.66m x 2.14m x 0.90m x 1.20m
Colour- Various

Indoor Hockey
Size- 3.00m x 2.00m x 1.00m x 1.00m
Colour- Various

Ice & Roller Hockey
Size- 1.85m x 1.22m x 0.75m x 1.1m

4mm knotless polypropylene netting, 40mm x 40mm mesh size
Colour- White


Shock Absorber nets available too.

Knotless polypropylene 2.5mm mesh size and 25mm x 25mm mesh size.

Colour – Various



Our playground netting is available in high tenacity polypropylene.  It’s especially soft to the touch and being knotless it helps with keeping our young ones, free of bruising Playground netting is extremely resistant lasting longer whilst maintaining their colour and shape.