Cricket Net Construction

Commercial Netmakers design, supply and install cricket nets Australia wide (including the WACA) and to remote mining areas. Our commitment to use only quality materials and offer a professional service is guaranteed.

Cricket systems can be installed to be winched up or down allowing for easy repairs, re-tensioning and reducing the need to work at heights. Cricket nets can also be mulit- sports courts by adding, for example, indoor soccer goals.

The net enclosing an indoor cricket court is very tightly tensioned. This allows consistency in the ball’s bounce off the net. It is also a safety feature – players are protected from hitting any walls or columns that may be close to the court and there is less chance of getting fingers caught in tight nets. It also allows spectators to be closer to the game, as balls hitting the net will not stretch it far.

Whether you require a cricket net, or any other netting system, call us at Commercial Netmakers.