What are Egress Nets?

Egress nets are a specialised form of safety netting that act as a ladder on the steep, slippery sides and geotextiled lined ponds that are frequently used in mining operations. Playing an essential role in the safety and environmental protection policies of most mine sites throughout Australia, egress netting, in simple terms, is hard-wearing open weave matting that provides an exit or escape route from a water source, dam or pond.

Why Are Egress Nets Important?

There are many reasons why egress nets are important but one of the main ones is that they can protect wildlife from drowning. Mines are mainly located in hot and dry environments and any form of water source on a mine site tends to attract animals. Most water sources will have steep and slippery sides which pose a hazard for animals as there is no way out leading to animals being trapped in the water, and eventually drowning. The ladder-like design of egress nets allows animals to escape, not only protecting the life of the animal but also ensuring the water source does not become contaminated with animal carcasses.

Not only protecting animals, egress nets are also important for the safety of humans. While the chances of a person becoming trapped are lower, it still may happen. It could be a person trespassing on the property or an employee taking a wrong turn, it’s important that there is way for anyone or anything who falls into a water source to escape.

What are Egress Nets made from?

There are a few different materials that egress nets can be made from, but it’s usually a flexible rubber formula. Egress matting will fit into to the section of dam or wall and provide a slip resistant surface. Large holes in the mat allow for water to drain through and the raised underside pattern will allow for the mats to continually drain providing a high grip. Egress netting can be pinned down with pegs to secure it in place and the size of the dam or pond will determine the spacing between the placement of the egress nets. Due to the heavy duty nature of the material, once installed the nets are virtually maintenance free, with only regular inspections of the nets required to check there ha been no damage from large animals that have used the egress nets to escape. Stainless steel and galvanised anchor points and fittings should be used.

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