Egress Nets

We understand there are a number of environmental and safety factors to be considered to ensure the right net is selected for your project. In responsible environmental management practice the use of fauna egress netting helps protect our wildlife. Especially, when used in high density polyethylene lined ponds commonly used on mines. Mines are mainly located in dry environments in Western Australian and water sources on mine sites tend to attract animals.

Steep sides and wet slippery pond walls make it difficult for trapped animals to escape. Animals trapped and trying to escape, can damage the pond liner or surrounding equipment. Dead animals can also cause machinery to block such as pump inlets/outlets. Commercial Netmakers can assist by fabricating egress netting suitable for small animals, such as lizards and snakes or larger animals like dingoes and kangaroos. While also, minimising the health and safety risk to your personnel. Nets are manufactured from rope and are specifically designed to never close or fold at the weight of the Person or Animal, it has been designed to save. We use only stainless steel and galvanized anchor points and fixings.

Also, nets with added weighted spreader bars can be made if required. Life buoys are also available on request. Ponds can be totally enclosed and bird proof, please see Pond Net Structures.